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San Vito

Important colony of Magna Graecia, Taranto tells its story, stratified over time and in its various levels. Under the street level are hidden hypogea, necropolises, crypts and chamber tombs that lead back to the refined afterlife cult of the time, but also to that of an aristocracy that knew how to grasp the essence of life. On the surface, the ages intersect with the sea breeze and it unfolds in the ancient village. Seen from above, Taranto is a condensed history that intertwines with the sea and unfolds in the ancient village between noble palaces and underground jewels. The Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo, with a strategic position, have made it the protagonist of important historical events.

Capo San Vito lighthouse

Forty-five meters above sea level, between the ancient tower and the barbette gunboat, it is a historic monument, a symbol of light and a reference to sailors from San Vito Taranto.

contatti hotel Taranto

Tourist port of Taranto

Molo Sant'Eligio is a small tourist port nestled between the waters of the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo, in the heart of the Borgo Antico of the city of Taranto.

Marina di Pulsano

Among the most loved and appreciated locations by tourists because of its marvelous paradisiacal beaches bathed by a crystalline sea. It has many other attractions to visit

Aragonese castle

The Aragonese Castle can boast a long history, as recent excavations testify. The previous Greek, Byzantine and Norman-Swabian-Angevin structures are still legible

Martha Museum

The MArTA museum (National Archaeological Museum of Taranto) is the story of the roots of southern Italy through the material testimonies of the people who inhabited it.

Cathedral of San Cataldo

Formerly dedicated to Mary Magdalene and then to San Cataldo, the patron saint of the city, the Cathedral of Taranto is the oldest in Puglia.